Monday, January 12, 2009

Totally firmed in our actions as we say so

I had opportunity to meet in person a Dr Tg Shahrom or more known as DrT of Aman Palestin two days ago. In his talk about the truth of what happened and still happening in Gaza, we have the opportunity to see more than what our local media or even Al Jazeera had shown in their correspondence. This is because DrT gets his media source direct from Gaza's fighters. And some of the images and videos are way beyond what we can tolerate as a human being, let alone those victims are our brothers and sisters of Islam. They are all our shuhadas...
Thanks to DrT, I got more involved in this. From just being a muslim who search for information, I'll insyaallah now do more and be more involved. As said in a Hadits " Barangsiapa yang tidak mengambil berat tentang saudara Islamnya yang lain, maka dia bukanlah dari kalanganku"...
The truth is the word in Hadits was referred as Cares and not only being informed, which many of us do now. If we care then we have to be firmed and strong in our belief. Some say they agree with the US/Jews products boycott but when it come to self discipline we run out of strength and still have thirst for Coke and hunger for Big Mac. Just look at any KFC and McD outlet, not many actually cares about the urge of boycott, even they all are well informed.
Besides boycotting the US/Jews Brands, let us take this opportunity to also boycott their way of life, the lifestyle of 'there are only money that matters' and let only the 'ustaz' busy with the religious matter, the lifestyle of 'mind your own business' and many more. We have to be strong and perseverance in our Islamic teaching. If we are in total careness, then how come only small % of muslim consumers are using islamic banking system? And the list goes on and on.
But for the start, let us do this; stop and free ourself from these brands and go for alternative product (very difficult to accept if ppl say they can't get other alternative to these):
Coca cola, Huggies, River Island, Mc Donalds, Clinique, Disney, Donna Karan, Starbucks, Gap, Garnier Perrier, Kotex, Sanex, Jo Malone, Lancome, Libbys, Tchibo, Loreal, Marks and Spencer, Kleenex, Maybelline, Nestle, Vittle, Revlon,WonderBra...


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