Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Intellectual and Spiritual Barbarians

For the second time this year, I have the opportunity to meet and learn in person this intellectual personality by the name Ustaz Dr Muhammad Uthman El Muhammady. This time he was invited for a kuliah in conjunction with the Maulidur Rasul night at the mosque of my taman. Last time his kuliah was on the New Islamic waves and how is our preparation, this time was on How to build an Ummah of Sunnah.As he is known, an intellect of his level always maintain his calmness when facing comments and when debating views. But, he also voiced his concerned and anxiety on the strong wave by certain scholars to induce the new wave, liberalism for the sake of equality. He was also concerned about the numerous trials to undermine our 4 pillars Imams, especially when some tried to replace our Al-Imam Asy Syafi'i's teachings with a new teaching, which is now apparently has gained place among the urbanised Muslims. This phenomena is what Dr M Uthman labelled as unacceptable and considered as 'intellectual and spiritual barbarians'.

For some of us, we may not aware of the seriousness of this threat to us and our next generation since most of us are already in the 'comfort' zone of performing ibadah, but for me who is just started to 're-learn', 're-discover', 're-built' my understanding to the fullest in ibadah, there are a lot of confusions out there. From a teaching to another teaching, from an "ustaz" to another, each carries the 'kitab' which is deemed as the most complete. How would we feel when someone says that this is bid'ah, that is bid'ah and this and that are against the Islamic teaching, of which, are the things that we, our earlier generation and the generations before have been preaching it for only one reason.... to seek the blessing of Allah.

As conclusion (this is also Dr M Uthman's conclusion):- we have to go back and keep our full understanding to the teaching of Sunnah wal Jamaah, as already agreed by the rules of the country, years back. But we must also be firm in our ibadah, with firmness comes 'ilmu'.


Gukita said...

A man of Dr Uthman's vast learning have immense reverence to the 4 imams and content to abide to one mazhab but a 'bayi mentah' like some of us who cant even pronounce the arabic alphabets properly thinks they know better after some sittings in Aminah Wadud and the likes company and attending some Anti Hadiths talks.

AyKay said...


those 'bayi mentah' like you put it are people with pHDs and Masters from renowmed institutions. So these are people with IQ but little EQs. They had forgotten the needs and the arts of debating, sharing arguments when opinion differs.

Dr M Uthman has warned us that the bigger waves are coming in years to come, and it's our responsibility to prepare our younger generation to overcome the waves

Gukita said...

I have had the experience of debating with these group who called themselve the `Qur'an only group'... their language were very base and their hatred for the imams beats Satan..

Compared to the imams who hafal Quran at 9 they are still bayi mentah.