Saturday, April 04, 2009

My Life is an Ibadah...

Yes, was reminded again by Ust Yunus last night to look at our ibadah in a manner that it does not only mean the specific ibadah such as solat, fasting, zakat and hajj, or reading Al Qur'an, dzikir etc. The whole of our 24H/7D/365 a year can be an ibadah if we follow and put our knowledge into implementation. So, to be a true Muslim who is only looking for Jan'nah reward thereafter, it does not mean that we only stay put on our praying carpet and ignore the current life requirement. But our priority have to be on the right things.

For example, our daily work life. It can be an ibadah if we follow the syara' requirement. Don't forget to recite our niat, each time we make our move to our workplace, every morning or in the evening (for evening shift workers); that we are leaving our home to perform our duty, to seek halal incomes, without forgetting to seek forgiveness from Allah for all the wrong doings which we already committed, now committing and will be committing...

I flashed back some of the lucky workers at Al Haram, without fail carrying their duties days and nights to ensure the comfortableness if the invitees of Allah. I managed to snap some of them in action..

Lucky for them, to be selected as part of the workforce at the place where every good doings are rewarded 100,000 times more than other places. When asked about their pay, one of them did answered that his salary is only SR500 excluded food (oh yes, I took the liberty to interview some of them). Anyhow, they feel very luck to be there. While some of us may be paid 10 or 20 times more than that but still seems not enough.... :-(

The same goes to the cleaners at the Masjid Nabawi in Madinah. Imagine our self... everyday to take turn and clean the pillars and vacuum clean the carpet of Raudah... one of the Garden of Jannah..... subhanaAllah.