Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I (still) know what you did last Sunday

I wasn't able to post new notes lately since preoccupied with several lifetime duties. Among others, are me juggling with my timetable, my duty as a community watchdog member and my ad-hoc project to re-brand my own 'teratak' (small shelter) however somehow these projects came with a group of very difficult conditions. Insyaallah, in a few days time things will get back to its usual routine at home, and I will get back to my usual pace.

Apart from those projects, I was also pre-occupied with a major issue faced by a relative. These youngsters, they never think thoroughly before they say something major, which involves hukum, talak and their marriage, and just simply take things for granted. And being the closest 'boleh pakai' uncle, they turn their worries to me. I was then experiencing a lifetime experience trying to save their marriage, had to faced someone's else mother-in-laws, sister-in-laws etc.... long list,,, and difficult to digest stories. Now, things are peacefully transpired, on why on-earth that I went to those syariah classes, and never though of becoming a syariah lawmember. Alhamdulillah, ilmu yg amat berguna.

Once a while we need to spare time to this kind of place to get back to our peaceful mind

Itulah kerja Tuhan. Kita boleh merancang seribu rancangan, guna pelbagai alat dan kawalan untuk menjayakan rancangan dan tiada harapkan sedikit kecacatan, namum... perancangan Allah adalah yang Mahaadil, Terbaik dan Terbilang. Namun tidak pula kita ini putus dari berusaha menjayakan segala amalan di jalanNya, dengan disusuli dengan do'a dan pengharapan agar mendapat keredhaanNya.

Demikianlah pesanan yang ditinggalkan oleh Baginda Nabi s.a.w dalam hadis yang Diriwayatkan daripada Suhaib katanya:

Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda: Keadaan orang mukmin itu amat menghairankan sekali, semua keadaannya merupakan kebaikan baginya dan kebaikan tersebut tidak ada pada seseorang kecuali pada orang mukmin. Jika dia mendapat kesenangan, dia bersyukur, keadaan sedemikian merupakan suatu kebaikan baginya. Begitu juga jika dia ditimpa kesusahan, dia tetap bersabar, keadaan demikian juga merupakan kebaikan baginya. (Imam Muslim).

To all akhi and ukhti, learning is a continuous lifetime process. and Life, its = input + process => output. salam to all

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